Introducing MoPo

Rapidly create beautifully characterful animated content using the power of Unreal Engine and VR.

MoPo is a unique virtual puppetry production tool used to create high quality animated content in a fraction of the time of usual animation production.

What MoPo can do

Silly Duck

Made by multi BAFTA and Emmy winning Blue Zoo Animation, Silly Duck is a series of animated episodes on YouTube. Using MoPo the creators were able to perform a minutes worth of animation each day, creating each episode in days rather than weeks.

Jazz Badgers

This was used to see how more visually complex characters can be used. So in this test, the puppeteer band of badgers with full fur systems.

“It's very satisfying using a tool that's so reactive.
You move your hand, it moves the puppet -there's no delay.
Which is really fun to use.”

Alec Smith,  Series Director, Blue Zoo Animation

Frequenly asked questions

Why not just use Motion Capture?
This tool is aimed at creating highly engaging cartoony performances of everything in the scene,  motion capture is limited to the physics of the human body which  are often too subtle, resulting in lacklustre animation.
How can I use this on my production?
Get in touch with us using the email address below and you will be connected with Blue Zoo Animation, who are the only studio currently licensed to use the technology.
Does it need specialist equipment?
The system works with standard VR headsets, it does not need any specialist motion capture equipment, which brings the cost down considerably.
Can I download it to use?
At the moment the tool is only licensed to Blue Zoo Animation Studio to be used.
Can it be used to animate live performances?
MoPo is designed for staged virtual productions created offline, where peformances are built up layer by layer.

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